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Second Chances

She tried the fairy tale and the fairy tale didn’t work.

Cassie Andrews thought she met the perfect guy, then he was gone. Ten years later, she’s a single mom with a good job when Heath Lawe’s return shatters her orderly life. The abduction of her son forces them to work together, stirring feelings she thought long dormant.


For FBI Agent Heath Lawe, finding Alex was the easy part, keeping him safe takes all of his skills as a former SEAL. He’ll need more than discipline to keep his feelings for Cassie in check. Can they stay one step ahead of danger and the passion that threatens to derail them.

Finding Hope

Her life will never be the same.

Injured in Afghanistan, Samantha Kincaid is struggling physically and emotionally. She's come to Spencer to create a new life, but can't escape the nightmares and panic attacks that follow her.


Is the peace he's found too good to be true?

After a couple years of being unsettled following his stint in the Army, Ren Garrett found a place to belong. Now his past has reared its unforgiving head. Accused of taking the daughter he can't claim, he must exonerate himself by finding her.

Coming Soon

Trust Me

Quincy Howard has had enough of covert operations and undercover work in dangerous situations. He left the CIA and moved to Spencer to be closer to his nephew. He's not sure where his new life will take him, but he's sure it will be better than the one he left. There's got to be more to life than what's he's seen so far.

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